Page 7 - Annual Meeting, 2022
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The ECW provided soup to many in
                                                                        the community in March of 2021.
                                                                        Cards and calls have become the
                                                                        norm.  The ECM sent Thanksgiving
                                                                        cards out to men in the
                                                                        congregation who have not been
                                                                        able to get to church.  When Covid
                                                                        rates declined for several months, I
                                                                        began in person visits again, which
                                                                        are now once more on hold due to
                                                                        Omicron. I hope to safely resume
                                                                        those visits soon.  I would like to
                                                                        thank the congregation for the
                                                                        gargantuan amount of pastoral care
                                                                        provided to the Wick family during
                                                                        2021.   Nancy’s death in May and
                                                                        Bill’s subsequent move to
               Richmond near the end of 2021 meant that many of you were and still are sacrificially
               giving of time and energy to help this family. I am grateful for all of you, and for all that you
               have done and are doing during this difficult time for the Wick family.

               Outreach and mission are a year-round focus at St Peter’s.  Your support of the Village
               Dinners, The United Thank Offering, Village Harvest, the men’s Thanksgiving and Christmas
               work, and so many other projects makes an ongoing positive difference for people not only
               in our community, but around the world.  Read more about the St Peter’s mission work
               throughout these reports.

               Eunice Key, who took over as Treasurer when Clarence Kunstmann retired from the post,
               has completed her current term on the Vestry.  During her time as treasurer, Eunice
               automated our system, and trained Jim Heimbach, our “new” treasurer, in the intricacies of
               taking care of the finances of St Peter’s. We owe her our ongoing gratitude.  We are also
               fortunate to have Jim take the financial reins despite the time challenges that this work
               presents.   Thanks to the hard work of both Eunice and now Jim, our financial business is
               carried out well, and the information about our finances is easily accessible.  Jim Heimbach
               will be speaking at the congregational meeting on Sunday, January 23 .  Check out the
               documents he has submitted for this report, and bring your questions to the congregational
               meeting.  I’m happy to report that St Peter’s, thanks to the generosity of all of you, and
               careful financial management, is in excellent financial shape.

               The 2021 Vestry and its officers have been an ongoing source of inspiration,
               encouragement, support and hard work this past year. Becky Fisher, Senior Warden,

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