Page 4 - Annual Meeting, 2022
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Rector’s Report, Annual Report 2021
               The Rev. Catherine Hicks

               The heartbeat of St Peter’s is steady, thanks to you, the St Peter’s community.  As we enter
               the third year of the Covid pandemic, we have not only survived, but we have become
               stronger because of the changes to our life together in community.  We have learned to
               respond quickly and efficiently  as circumstances in the world constantly evolve and bring
               unexpected changes.

               On Palm Sunday, 2021,we returned to weekly in person worship in our beautiful building,
               after almost an entire year of gathering either online or outside.   Our choir, such a gift to
               our worship,  is back, and has welcomed two new members. Brad Volland, our organist, has
               persevered through several bouts of pneumonia to continue to lead the choir and to play
               our historic organ each week.

               Larry Saylor, our talented guitarist, filled in for Brad one Sunday on short notice and
               provided inspiring guitar music and solos for the entire service.   In addition to Sunday
               morning worship, and welcoming people online as well as in person, we have continued the
               practice of Compline online every Sunday night.  A group of us continue to pray together
               each Monday morning at 6:30AM, intentionally starting the week in God’s presence and
               holding our congregation up in prayer during that time.  The weekly Bible study gives us
               the opportunity to pray together, to enjoy one another’s company and to delve into the
               lectionary passages for the upcoming Sunday.

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