Page 11 - Annual Meeting, 2022
P. 11

The only certainty at this point is that we would be shipping all the supplies to Jamaica and
               trusting in God. On a Sunday afternoon, Johnny, Cookie, Jim, Elizabeth, Ken, and I held an
               inventory/ packing party in Mama's suite. She would be so proud. With my truck packed, I
               drove to Maryland the next morning to a shipping company, and off the supplies went. With
               little over two months ahead of our targeted distribution date, the decision to make the trip
               was very uncertain, understandable. This trip was a multipurpose mission, family reunion,
               and to visit the house we are in the process of building in the countryside, did I say
               After weeks of debating, the brave-hearted decided to make the trip, Catherine, Jan, Cookie,
               Laura, John, Pat, Ken, and I.  My niece Debbie and her family, nephews Gary, Ian, and
               Yasmine came along too.  Pat, Ken, and I got in first while the rest of the team came a few
               days later.

               On my first day I met with Annette, unpacked some of the backpacks, and then laid out a
               plan for the rest of the team to carry out the next day. I had a chance to visit a few family

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