Page 12 - Annual Meeting, 2022
P. 12

members before I headed to the airport to get Cookie, Johnny, Laura, Jan, and
               Catherine.   We made a brief stop in Port Royal Jamaica; Cookie was able to get a few
               pictures after which we went to this lovely seafood restaurant where I can honestly say
               everyone enjoyed their meals. Catherine was fascinated by bammi, a Jamaican flatbread
               made from cassava.
               On our first night I/we found out that there was no hot water in our hotel. Unfortunately, to
               my surprise, this beautiful building, with its gorgeous flowers and ideal location was
               affected by Covid in various not so great ways, being short of staff and with a lack of proper
               management.  We all endured and I was pleasantly surprised by the toughness and tenacity
               of my church family. Then again, we were on a Mission Trip.

               I will not begin to describe the journey to the house in the country; this special experience
               is reserved for the troopers who lived it. But first, we went to the school to hand out
               bookbags to all the students.  What an experience, to see the faces of these kids, the joy on
               the faces of Annette and her staff. Parents expressed gratitude, while some were anxious
               that we would not have enough to reach their child.  We had more than enough, so many
               that Annette was able to share with the Kindergarten Principal.

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