Page 6 - Annual Meeting, 2022
P. 6

Another lovely gift to our parish that now stands outside the kitchen door of the parish
               house is a large and sonorous bell, a gift from Brad Volland.  This bell hung first on a dairy
               farm where Brad spent a great deal of time as a child, and then at his parents’ home.  When
               Brad’s mother died this year, Brad donated the bell to St Peter’s, and we will enjoy having it
               call to us for our outdoor worship and other activities.  Many thanks to Brad, and to those
               who installed our “new” bell.

               Having an online presence has been a part of ministry for a while.  We have had a website
               and a Facebook page for years.  By adding internet access to the church, we now offer
               worship on Zoom each week as well as providing Compline and Monday morning prayer on
               Zoom.  As a result of this increased access to our community, people who have trouble
               getting out, people who have moved away, and people who live at a distance are able to join
               in worship.  A goal for 2022 is to improve our equipment to make this experience even
               better for those who Zoom in for worship each week.

               Pastoral care has been carried out by all of us in various ways during 2021.

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