Page 13 - Annual Meeting, 2022
P. 13

It was so gratifying watching the various interactions between the kids and my St. Peter's
               family, Cookie, a former principal, was in her element. Jan, who has led many mission trips,
               was at home away from home.    Laura handed out the prettiest backpacks.  Catherine was
               making the rounds trying to save the world  like only she can. Ken and Johnny played
               supporting roles.
               For me, watching my dream become a reality, the fact that I could make this a reality, my
               church family sharing in my vision, brings me great joy.  It was an awesome event, in spite
               of the masks we all wore.

               Then the whole country of Jamaica went under mandatory curfew, which I think none of us
               minded, by now we were so ready for hot water, air conditioning and free flowing libations
               at the beach.

               Off we went to Bahia Principe Resort in Runaway Bay, where I regrouped and reflected.   I
               have a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, and now I am even more inspired to see
               what's next for St. Peter's Angels.

               In spite of the challenges presented by the new travel restrictions, everyone made it home
               safely, thanks be to God.

               Gratitude goes out to all who contributed to this project and also to Ben for online support,
               and to Jim and Elizabeth, for keeping up with donations.
               To Laura, Johnny, Cookie, Catherine,  and Jan (such a pleasure to be with you at St.
               Peter's),  I truly hope your experience was as fulfilling for you as it was for me. I am so
               grateful for the amazing support by all.  To the many contributors, we thank you.
               'If you help the poor, you are contributing to the Lord, and he will repay you.'
               Proverbs 19: vs 17.

               A very special thanks to the Jamaican cooks, Nikki, Carol, Sonia, and Kay'Ann,
               As always, I am very grateful to see my brothers, Ranold, Junior and Morris, stay safe.
               Rojel, my adopted brother, the best driver ever, we appreciate you, and a special thanks to
               Jermaine and Mr. Lee.

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