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Junior Warden  Annual Report, 2021
               Cookie Davis

               It has been a pleasure to serve as your Junior Warden this year.  In this role I have attended
               all Vestry meetings giving input to planning and preparing for events sponsored by the
               church, and participated in the Mission Trip to Jamaica.

               In the Fall I held a “Plant Sale” at my home during St Peter’s Season of Creation and raised
               $400 for the St. Peter’s Tree Fund. I also joined & helped promote two Zoom Programs
               sponsored by St. Peters…prayer at 6:30 am on Mondays and the Sacred Ground meeting
               once a month on a Thursday at 7pm.  In addition, I shop monthly for Village Harvest and
               represented St. Peters as a delegate to the Annual Convention in November.

               It has been my duty to see that the buildings and grounds are in good repair. This includes
               both maintenance of the buildings and the heating/cooling systems. Powder Post beetles
               were found in the church windowsills and the vestry voted to spray both building to
               prevent continued damage.  Contractors are currently working on a bid to repair the Parish
               House porch floor damage and replace wooden siding on the building that is rotten or
               damaged.  This work will be done in the coming year prior to the painting of the whole
               Parish House (last painted 2015) which should be done this year.

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