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Pentecost 16 Sunday, September 4

Photos from Pentecost 16

Pentecost 17 Sunday, September 11

Photos from Pentecost 17

Pentecost 18 Sunday, September 18

Photos from Pentecost 18

Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


Lessons in how to read music from the weekly bulletin.

Current Lesson, Part 15, Aug. 28, 2016 - "Brethren, We Have Met Together"   

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Daily C. S. Lewis thoughts

Saints of the Week, September 25 - October 2

Sergius, Abbot of Holy Trinity, Moscow, 1392
Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, 1626; also [Wilson Carlile, Priest, 1942]
[Vincent de Paul, Religious, and Prophetic Witness, 1660; also Thomas Traherne, Priest, 1674]
[Richard Rolle, 1349, Walter Hilton, 1396, and Margery Kempe, c. 1440, Mystics]
Saint Michael and All Angels
Jerome, Priest, and Monk of Bethlehem, 420
Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, c. 530

September 25, 2016 (full size gallery)

Sunday, Sept. 25  Description with photos 

Sept. 28, 10am – Ecumenical Bible Study

Sept. 28,   7pm – ECW meeting

Oct. 2, Stewardship Sunday

Oct. 2, 10am   Godly Play (preschool through 2nd grade)

Oct. 2, 10am  God's Kids (3rd grade and up )

Oct. 2,  11am  – Holy Eucharist , Rite II

Oct. 2,  12pm First Sunday Social

Complete Calendar

Sunday,  October 2  Readings and Servers  

Village Harvest, October 19

For Oct's Village Harvest on Oct 19 we are distributing beans and rice. Bring your supply to the church by Sunday, Oct. 16

Thanks for your help for this worthwhile ministry.

Early Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to pause and look at nature all around you. You have to take the time and not think of the minutes. The time before church is my time to let nature envelop me, especially with all the rain creating effects on fallen leaves, on the graves and on the river.  Take a look at what I saw...

Read more and see the photo gallery from 2015  

Stewardship Sunday, Oct. 2

We give back as we are given by God - Make your pledge for 2017

 The Commitment

Sunday, Oct. 2 is the distribution of 2017 pledge cards.  A better word is commitment card.  We commit so we can give:

  • Commit to help us reduce hunger in this area, through the Village Harvest Distribution
  • Commit to us to bring hope to Peumansend jail,
  • Commit to help us bring comfort to those suffering in sickness or loneliness,
  • Commit to help us in Christian education and encourage fellowship.
  • Commit so we can make a difference.  

What should be our commitment to what God has given us ? 

God calls us to share in God’s mission of caring for the world, using all the gifts God has given us. Our gifts includes those of treasure Over 80% of the funds used to support and plan for ministry in a year come from pledges.  

Check out our Stewardship page...

Richmond Conservation Studio Final Report on the Altarpiece

We had the altarpiece back a month so it's a good time to review what has been done. 

This is Cleo Mullins final report. The previous is an embedded file. An external link is here in case you have problems with the previous file.

This is the most detailed report on the condition of the altarpiece and what was done by the firm which did it.

Altarpiece - Before and After

This is a retrospective of the entire altarpiece project, before and after and what we learned in the process.

Read the entire article.   A pictoral summary is below:

Central Section






Lectionary - October 2- God's ability to make the impossible possible.

1. Theme – "God's ability to make the impossible possible."

Donatello - The Prophet Habakkuk (1386?-1466) 

The lectionary readings are here or individually:  

First Reading - Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4
Psalm - Psalm 37:1-10
Epistle - 2 Timothy 1:1-14
Gospel - Luke 17:5-10 

Today’s readings call us to believe in God's ability to make the impossible possible. Habakkuk  is called to patience and faith in the face of incomprehensible evil. Paul encourages Timothy to endure in power and love, guarding the truth of the gospel. Jesus teaches that faith thrives in simple obedience in Luke’s Gospel

Faithfulness, endurance, patience—these are the themes of walking the faithful life with God. For the people in the prophet’s time, it was to endure in faithfulness through generations in exile. In the time of Jesus, it was for the disciples to find their way to trust in Jesus, because Jesus couldn’t just give them the ability to magically trust and be faithful. For Paul’s day and following, it was for the followers to continue to live in faith by what they had been taught and had witnessed. For us, we are called to be faithful because of our tradition, our teaching, but also still, hope for the New Day, which began long ago and we can read through the prophets, through the Gospels, and through the Epistles: hope that God will continue to do a new thing, and that we will remain faithful to God.

Everywhere we turn, we see the need for reform. Sometimes our society seems like a house we can't get clean. We get one room in order, but then another confronts us with disarray. If we improve the environment, we still have problems with education. If we manage political reform, we are still troubled by the unjust allocation of resources or the abuse of children.

Our frustration with the public scene can be mirrored in our own lives. There we find the same ups and downs: a career achievement offset by a damaged relationship; progress toward a personal goal–the setback of an illness. How does faith view this roller coaster?

In today's gospel, Luke consoles us with the good news that even minimal faith will suffice in the face of both worldly concerns and our own particular challenges. To the apostles who picture grandiose schemes, Jesus offers the image of a tiny seed. Perhaps we won't reform the world in our lifetime, he seems to say. What matters more is the simple service, the generous response to the demands of our particular situation. Jesus uses the ordinary example of providing food and drink, a service many people perform so often we don't even think about it. Faith transforms duty so that even our unconscious efforts nurture many.

Peace activist John Dear writes: “Without our faith, nothing happens. The mountainous violence of the world doesn't budge. But with our faith–behold! All things become possible. Non-violence. Disarmament. Justice.” The scriptures offer us confidence, vision, reassurance. How do they clarify our own vision?

These passages point to the importance of living in the spirit of Jesus and aiming high in our faith journeys.  Aiming low leads to personal and social destruction.  In contrast, a life of faithful discipleship creates circles of well-being that transform families, communities, and nations.

Read more about the Lectionary....

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