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Dec. 10, 2017    
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Nov. 19, Pentecost 24

Photos from Pentecost 23

Nov. 26, Christ the King

Photos from Christ the King

Dec. 3, Advent 1

Photos from Advent 1

Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


to the reports from Jan 15 Annual Meeting


Daily "Day by Day"

3-Minute Retreats invite you to take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage.

Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat. After each screen, a Continue button will appear. Click it when you are ready to move on. If you are new to online prayer, the basic timing of the screens will guide you through the experience.

Follow the Star

Daily meditations in words and music.  

Sacred Space

Your daily prayer online, since 1999

"We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, praying here and now, as you visit our website, with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance."

Daily C. S. Lewis thoughts

Saints of the Week,  Dec. 10- Dec. 17

[Thomas Merton, Contemplative and Writer, 1968]
[Lucy (Lucia), Martyr at Syracuse, 304]
[Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross), Mystic, 1591]
[Ralph Adams Cram, 1942, and Richard Upjohn, 1878, Architects, and John LaFarge, Artist, 1910]
[Maria Stewart, 1879, Prophetic Witness]

Bishop Curry's Christmas message  was released this week. A summary:

"In 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul says,'If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold, the new is come.' At a point in that passage, St. Paul says, 'God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself,” and he also says at another point in the same passage, “and we have been given the ministry of reconciliation.'

"But the story behind the story is what St. Paul was talking about. God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, and Jesus has now given us that same ministry of reconciliation. God was reconciling the world to himself by becoming one of us. The divine became human. God entered history. Eternity became part of time. God was reconciling the world to himself by actually living it himself. In Jesus, God came among us to show us the way, to be reconciled with the God who has created us all and everything that is. And God has likewise come in the person of Jesus, to show us how to be reconciled with each other, as children of the one God who is the Creator of us all. That's the story behind Christmas.

"God is showing us the Way to become God's children, and as God's children, brothers and sisters of each other. God is showing us in Jesus how to become God's family and how to change, and build, and make a world where everybody is a part of that family. Where children don't go to bed hungry. Where no one has to be lonely. Where justice is real for all and where love is the ultimate law..."

Read the full text and/or watch the video

December 10, 2017 - Advent 2

Sunday, Dec., 10, 2017  

Clockwise from left. Rare December snow, Youth servers today, best way to get to church, enjoying the Hymn of Praise "Soon and Very Soon", Happy Birthday wish for two parishioners

The Week Ahead...

Dec. 10 -  4:00pm - Advent Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral

Dec. 13 - 10:00am - Ecumenical Bible Study 

Dec. 17 - 10:00am - Children's Christian Ed with Becky

Dec. 17- 11:00am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Advent 3, Christmas Play

Dev. 17 - 5:30pm - Everett's Christmas Party

Sunday, Dec. 17,  Readings and Servers

Some pictures from the Choir retreat

Brad : "I rehearsed them for two hours, in sectionals, teaching them the voice parts for two anthems: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” a lovely piece which uses the text and music of “Veni Emmanuel” commingled with the hymn tune “Gift of Love...”  Read more

Christmas Play, Advent 3, Dec. 17, 11am

Here is last year's event:

Photos from the Christmas Play Sunday, Dec. 18, 11am     

Video clips of the Christmas Play.

Golden Hour at St. Peter's

Come to St. Peter's in the late fall and early winter between 4pm and 6pm and the beauty is overwhelming. These were taken on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016.

See the pictures


Advent 1

Advent 1 links

Advent 2

Advent 2 links

Additional Meditations:   

Suzanne Guthrie - "A Way in the Wilderness" (2014)

Daniel Berrigan - "Advent Credo" (2004)

Catherine Adler - "Advent Hands" 


From the Presiding Bishop- Advent Messages 2012-2014 - "What are you waiting for?" 

From the Episcopal and Lutheran churches - Advent devotions for each Sunday in Advent


From the Archibishop of Canterbury - An Advent course "Getting More Out of the Bible"


From the Diocese of  Virginia -

Learning the Art of Waiting in Advent  (2012)
Rt. Rev. Susan Goff

Be Awake, Alert, Aware, Alive, Part 1 (2013)
Be Awake, Alert, Aware, Alive, Part 2 (2013)
Rt. Rev. Susan Goff

Liturgical Layers - Advent
Bishop Shannon Johnston

Diocese of Va. Advent Meditations, Week 3

Christmas Flowers
Linda Hemming, Aquia Church

Advent Waiting in Hope
Jeff Borden

The surprising origins of the Twelve  Days of Christmas


 Make Ready the Feast highlights one scripture citation and one recipe during Advent

Advent 3  

Advent 3

Explore Advent, Part 3 - Over the Sundays in Advent there will be a presentation each week focusing on that week's scriptures, art and commentary and how they demonstrate the themes of advent. Let's continue with Advent 3.

A. Voices for Advent 3

"In Advent the church emphasizes these ways of continual change: Repentance. Conversion of life. Self-examination. Awakening. Deepening.  "

- Suzanne Guthrie 

B. "You Don't Want to Be a Prophet (Isaiah, Luke)



"Christmas without Anglicans?" - Anglican contributions to Advent and Christmas carols. 

Christmas at the Everett's, Dec. 17, 5:30pm

Last year's event and Last year's pictures

The Everetts, Cherry and Woody, have for the past several years planned an open house for St. Peter's to get us all in the holiday spirit. With their miniature Christmas village, their "second house" with another set of Christmas deocorations, it is truly a spectacle and the food is bountiful. This year it is on Sunday, Dec. 17 at 5:30pm.

Their home is at 17186 Cherwood Pond Ln, King George just across the Rappahannock and to the right 

This Christmas season...

Link to all the 2017 events.   

Christmas Deadlines  

1. Poinsettias for  Christmas Eve and Christmas  - If you like to donate a poinsettia for Christmas, the cost is $10. Please complete the order form and include a separate check to St. Peter’s with poinsettia in the memo line. Deadline Sunday, Dec. 10th.

2. Donation to the Endowment Fund.  By Dec. 17

3. The Christmas pageant will be Dec. 17, 2017 as part of the 11am service.


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